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API Reference

Hybrid Chat exposes integration interfaces for any customer channel, human agent channels, 3rd party chatbots, and 3rd party applications (for sending messages to customers). All the API methods communicate in either of the following two communication styles.

Synchronous (REST)

Synchronous interfaces are based on REST APIs.


(web sockets)

Websockets are used for bidirectional communication.

Here is a list of all available APIs,

To develop an API client application on Customer Channel APIAgent API, or a Chatbot API, choose any of the following language frameworks for the custom application to connect with the Chat solution for:

  • A new customer channel integration either from the web, mobile, or any social media platform

  • Bot connector for IBM Watson, DialogFlow, or any other bot

  • Agent gadget for a CRM application, a desktop, or an embedded HTML5 application

Here is a list of available clients for popular languages.

For further details on how to create a application, explore documentation

Data Types

The following table lists the data types used in API parameters and notification message fields.




A logical data type that has one of two values: true or false.


A 32-bit wide integer.


A 64-bit wide integer.


A variable-length string. If a maximum length exists, it is listed with the parameter description.

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