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Applying TLS Certificates

Configure Certificates

DEPLOYMENT_PATH always refers to the location where Expertflow solution is deployed. Default path location is preset to  /var/lib/expertflow

This process needs to be carried out on both System-A (primary machine) and System-B (secondary machine).

Rename your .crt file with localhost.crt and your .key file with localhost.key. Follow these commands to create a backup of default certificates:

# cd to chat-solution directory before executing these commands

$ cp docker/nginx/certs/localhost.crt{,.bk}
$ cp docker/nginx/certs/localhost.key{,.bk}

Copy localhost.crt and localhost.key in  {DEPLOYMENT_PATH}/docker/nginx/certs directory. If you are doing fresh deployment, you should skip following steps. The following steps are required only when solution is already up and running with default certificates. Execute the following commands if the solution is already up and running:

$ DEPLOYMENT_PATH/efutils service
 -- select app-gateway 
 -- select rm

$ DEPLOYMENT_PATH/efutils profile

-- Single Node Deployment: select service-gateway  
-- HA Deployment: select ha-service-gateway 
-- select 'up'

For configuration of Chain Certificates, follow Digicert SSL Configuration Guide for NGINX, section How to Install and Configure your SSL Certificate. Verify your chain certificate bundle by any available tool e.g. KeyCDN.

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