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Business Calendars for Hybrid Chat

Creating Business Calendars

We recommend using the MSSQL Server database for EABC. If you do not have an MSSQL Server database, MySql is already part of the solution. 

  1. Navigate to https://chat-solution-fqdn/ecm-frontend
  2. Login and create business calendars.
  3. If not using external MSSQL server for EABC, you'll need to create calendars on secondary instance as well.
    1. Logout from the web page.
    2. Stop EABC on the primary machine using efutils

      $ /var/lib/expertflow/efutils service
      # Choose the service EABC and select the action restart
    3. Clear browser cache and reload https://chat-solution-fqdn/ecm-frontend
    4. Login and create business calendars again. It'll create calendars on the secondary instance. 
    5. Logout and start EABC on primary machine.
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