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Chat Volume By Queue

Report SummaryDisplay the summary of Queue Wise Offered Chats


Reporting Fields

DateSelected date from the filter
Queue NameName of the Queue
Chats OfferedThe total number of chats offered to the specific queue. Due to RONA, the same chat request may be re-queued incrementing the number of chats offered. So this should not be confused with the total number of chats landed on the system.
Chats AnsweredThe number of chats answered by human agents.
Chats Abandoned

The number of chat legs abandoned (not answered by the agent). For each case of RONA, there'll be a new request in the queue to find another agent.


For example, if a chat request was offered to 3 agents and the first two agents didn't answer within the answer time interval but the third agent accepted and handled it.

  • There'll be three records in the queue stats
  • First two records (chat legs) with the reason RONA and
  • The last record (chat leg) answered by the agent

For this only chat request, queue stats would be

Chats OfferedChats AbandonedChats RONAChats Answered
Chats RONAThe number of queued tasks ended in RONA. All RONA tasks are later re-queued to the same queue.
Service Level ThresholdThe threshold defined during the configuration of the chat queue in seconds
Answered Within SLNumber of chats answered within the service level threshold
Abandoned Within SLNumber of chats abandoned within the service level threshold
Answered After SLNumber of chats answered after the service level threshold
Abandoned After SLNumber of chats abandoned after the service level threshold

Average Wait Duration 

The average wait duration of all (Answered + Abandoned in the queue) chats in hh:mm:ss format. This is calculated as:
(Total Wait Duration /Total Chats Offered)
Average Chat DurationThe average time of the customer-to-agent conversation in hh:mm:ss format. This is calculated as:
(Total Chat Duration/Total Chats Answered)
Service LevelService level calculation is based on the configured Service Level Type. The following 3 formulas are used for the calculation
  • Ignore Abandoned Chats: If Service Level Type = 1 THEN (Answered Within SL/(Chats Offered - Abandoned Within SL)) * 100
  • Abandoned Chats have Negative Impact: If Service Level Type = 2 THEN (Answered Within SL/Chat Offered) * 100
  • Abandoned Chats have Positive Impact: If Service Level Type = 3 THEN ((Answered Within SL + Aband Within SL)/Chat Offered) * 100
Abandoned Rate(Total Chats Abandoned / Total Chats Offered) * 100
%age Closed by Agent(Total Chats Closed By Agent / Total Chats Offered) * 100
%age Closed by Customer(Total Chats Closed By Customer / Total Chats Offered) * 100
%age Closed by Network(Total Chats Closed By Network / Total Chats Offered) * 100
%age Closed By Rona(Total Chats Closed By Rona / Total Chats Offered) * 100
%age Closed by Bot(Total Chats Closed By Bot / Total Chats Offered) * 100
%age Closed by Other(Total Chats Closed By Other / Total Chats Offered) * 100


  • Date & Time
  • Queue(s)
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