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Install Hybrid Chat Core on Windows

Having met the Solution Prerequisites, ensure the following software are installed in the host machine:


WinRAR is used to unzip installation files, it is also used to open jars for configuration changes

Follow these steps to deploy Hybrid Chat on Windows Server.


  1. Create following databases in MS SQL Server, applications create schema automatically while databases are needed to be created manually
    1. umm
    2. eabc
  2. Download 
  3. Extract in any directory, the directory path must not contain any spaces in it.
  4. Copy hybrid-chat\libTrippleDesJNA.dll  file and place it in some directory which is included in PATH  system environment variable, if this isn't feasible for some reason, add <installation-root>\hybrid-chat in PATH  system environment variable. libTrippleDesJNA.dll is a security related file used by User Management / UMM  module for encryption.


After pre-installation steps are complete, follow these steps to install the Hybrid Chat suite without Customer Gadget.

  1. Open Windows cmd  with administrative rights
  2. Navigate to hybrid-chat directory
  3. Invoke install_hybrid_chat.bat  from cmd.

    Install Hybrid Chat


    This step might require some time and it will:

    1. Install jre 8u221 x64 
    2. Install node v10.16.3 x64 
    3. Extract & install activemq 
    4. Extract & install chat-server 
    5. Extract & install communication_server 
    6. Extract & install database_connector 
    7. Extract & install file_engine 
    8. Extract & install minio 
    9. Extract & install mongodb  and create mongodb users for database-connector  and mre-microservice 
    10. Extract & install mre 
    11. Extract & install mre-microservice 
    12. Extract & install tomcat 
  4. Following is a list of generated installation logs:

    Log File NamePathDescription
    1install_hybrid_chat.log <installation-dir>\hybrid-chat\ These is root log file for installation. This log file compiles output of:
    • Extraction of all components
    • Installation of all components
    • Service start of all components

    There isn't separate file for error logs yet, all errors (if any) are contained in this file with timestamps

    2jre-installation-log.log <installation-dir>\hybrid-chat\Installation logs of jre 8u221 x64. All errors (if any) are contained within this file.
    3node-installation-log <installation-dir>\hybrid-chat\Installation logs of node v10.16.3 x64. All errors (if any) are contained within this file.
    4mongodb_install.loginstallation-dir>\hybrid-chat\core\mongodb Installation log file for MongoDB Server. All errors (if any) are contained within this file.
  5. In Windows Services, confirm all required services are installed and running. Refer to the Configuration section for component configurations.


For component configuration, refer to the Hybrid Chat Configuration Guide.

Hybrid Chat Windows Services

Hybrid Chat Port Mapping

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