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Knowledge Base User Guide

Knowledgebase is an add-on to the chat solution and provides agent assistance based on the articles added in the system. Authorized users add articles using the Knowledgebase Author. KB Author is a web-based user interface for adding knowledge base articles in the system.

Role-based access based on UMM

An authorized user should have the trainer role to use KB Author. See UMM documentation about adding users and roles in UMM.


Click on “Add New” to add a new article. An article has the following three fields:


Data type




An ‘Intent’ is a label of the question. It should be a distinguishable short phrase. For example, for a question “What are the office timings” the Intent could be “office_timings”

An Intent can be of a maximum of 30 characters.



A question is like the subject/title of an article. Add multiple synonym questions for a better prediction of it’s matching with the customer utterance.

Add at least 2 questions per article



Describe the answer in plain text

An authorized user can add, update, delete articles from the system.

Edit an article

  • Select any article from the list

  • Article opens in edit mode

  • Make required changes

  • Click on update button to save changes

Delete an article

  • Select any article from the list

  • Article opens in edit mode

  • Click on delete button.

  • Alert will appear to confirm before delete

  • Click on yes to confirm

  • Article is deleted and removed from the list.


Articles added in the system are not available to the agent until an Author trains the system. For training set of articles for a particular language,

  1. Select the language (agent) from the dropdown.

  2. Select Train from the detail submenu.

Search an article

An author can search an article from the search interface based on:

  • Intent name

  • Text in first question of the article


To logout from the KB Author interface, select Logout from the menu. See the screenshot below. All the articles added in the system will persist but articles will be passed as agent suggestions only after training.

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