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NGINX Reverse Proxy Installation for Windows

Before you proceed

  • Download Communication from provided url and extract it to C:\ 
  • Make sure you have the machine ready with the recommended specs in the internet facing DMZ.
  • Domain signed certificates from the customer. The customer should provide the following two files:
  • certificate.pem
  • certificate.key

Note: Make sure the file names are exactly the same. Also, “Certificate.key” should not be encrypted.

Deployment Steps

  1. Download the package folder from provided link.
  2. Extract the zip file and place the folder in the C:/ drive. (replace c with the drive letter where you want to place the folder.)
  3. Open communication gateway folder. The folder structure should look like this:

  4. Move to conf>SSL folder.
  5. Place “certificate.pem” and “certificate.key” in SSL folder.
  6. Now go back to conf folder.
  7. Open nginx.conf file with notepad.
  8. Give paths of hybrid-chat-core machine in following locations:
    1. /chat/
    2. /
    3. /mre/
    4. /mre-microservice/
    5. /eabc/
    6. /umm-frontend/
    7. /database-connector/
    8. /file-engine/
    9. /mre-frontend/
    10. /ecm-frontend/
    11. /agent-gadget/
  9. Save and close the file.
  10. Now run cmd as an administrator
  11. Move to communication gateway folder in c drive by this command
    cd “C:\Communication Gateway”. (replace c with the drive letter where you have placed the folder.)
  12. Write “nssm install” and hit enter, which will open the nssm service installer dialog. Add values as per the following table:




C:\Communication Gateway\nginx.exe 

Startup directory

C:\Communication Gateway

Service name

Communication Gateway

  1. Press install service to proceed.
  2. Press “win+R” to open Run dialog, type services.msc and press enter. It will open the following window.
  3. Locate Communication Gateway and start.
  4. Communication gateway is up and running.
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