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SMPP SMS Integration

Specify following configurations to enable SMS integration via SMPP in the channel manager environment settings.

Variable NameDescription


true if SMPP is secure i.e. using SSL certificates, false otherwise. For SMPP Sim its value is false.


IP address of SMPP Server e.g. ""


Port exposed by SMPP server e.g. 2775. For smppsim client port is 2775.


Number associated with SMPP server on which inbound messages are recieved e.g. "3221469577"


SMPP server system id used to connect to SMPP server.
For SMPP SIM it is "smppclient1"


SMPP server password for above mentioned system Id.
For SMPP SIM it is "password"


For Transmitter bind (TX) set 0, for Receiver bind (RX) set 1 and for Transceiver bind (TRX) set 2
SMPP_NUMBER_TYPEFor numeric format set 0, for alphanumeric format set the value to 1.

A directive for Hybrid Chat to decide routing of requests from an SMPP account.


No directive from Channel Manager for the Hybrid Chat bot or chat-server. HybridChat will route requests either to the bot or the agent based on the Bot training and chat-server configurations.

BOT_ONLYChat requests should not be routed to the agent even if the Bot's confidence level for a response is below confidence threshold.
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