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SMS is a supported out-of-the-box channel for both inbound, outbound, and campaign messages. 


With Hybrid Chat SMPP integration, users can now start an SMS to chat conversation with the Hybrid Chat agent from any mobile SMS messenger application. The agent is able to accept the incoming SMS chat request, respond as he wishes, or let the bot handle the chat. 

Follow the SMPP SMS Integration guide for the necessary configurations.

SMS via Twilio

Other than supporting multiple SMPP versions, our Customer Channel Manager (CCM) Connector provides out-of-the-box integration with Twilio API for SMS and WhatsApp, as well as a connection to other channel aggregators. You can either go through one of the aggregators or directly connect to the SMS Center of your local mobile operator through the SMPP protocol. 

Follow the Twilio SMS Integration guide for the necessary configurations.

SMS Campaigns

Pull scheduled SMS tasks from ECM (Expertflow Campaign Manager) to send out SMS messages to the customer. 

Variable Name



ECM database driver name, mysql or sqlserver

example:  com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

ECM_DB_URLECM complete database URL
example: jdbc:mysql://mysql:3306/ecm?user=root&password=root
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