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With Hybrid Chat Viber Integration, your customers can connect via Viber for customer-to-bot and customer-to-agent communication with bot-assistance. For channel capabilities see Customer Channels

For details on how Hybrid Chat supports structured and rich media messages for Viber, see Rich Media Messaging.

Setup Viber Integration

  • Login to your Viber account through PC.
  • Create a Bot Account, after the creation of bot account a token will be shown to you. 

  • Copy the account token and add it to ccm environment variables  VIBER_AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN.
  • To register or unregister web-hook follow these instructions add your webhook URL against URL key https://<fqdn>/ccm/viber-message/receive.
  • In order to chat with Viber, scan the QR Code from your bot account.

  • After scanning, publish the account by selecting the publish account button from the screen.

Viber Channel Configuration in Channel Manager

Variable Name



The authentication token (also known as application key) is a unique and secret account identifier. It is used to authenticate request in the Viber API and to prevent unauthorized persons from sending requests


The Sender Name shown to the customer (max 28 characters).


Viber outbound API URL to send messages to the customer through the Viber bot account.


The message shown in the case that the message is not processed successfully or for any error.

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