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WhatsApp is a supported customer channel.  A hybrid conversation (customer-agent-bot) works with WhatsApp as with any other chat channel. For WhatsApp channel capabilities, see the channel capabilities matrix on Media Channels

The integration uses channel aggregators such as Twilio.

WhatsApp Structured Message

In addition to normal text message exchange, Hybrid Chat supports a structured message exchange in a bot-to-customer conversation. A structured message is like a conversational form where the customer is limited to give input only against the available input options. You can define a structured message template and train the bot. All supported chat channels would then show the structured message according to the channel capabilities. See Structured Messages for details.

WhatsApp Integration Configurations

WhatsApp via Twilio

See (3.15 ) Twilio WhatsApp Integration for setup and configuration details. 

WhatsApp via 360Dialog

See 360Dialog WhatsApp Integration for setup and configuration details.

Other aggregators

Integration via other aggregators is also possible via Customer Channel API

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