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Telegram Connector Configuration Guide

Like most social media platforms, Telegram gives you the option to send private messages to users. Telegram Direct Messages enable businesses to take an interaction with a user as a private conversation.

With the new CIM design, develop a Telegram channel connector using Telegram Bot APIs to support customer chats initiated from the Telegram channel.

Getting Started

For us to set up the telegram connector, we need to register for a telegram application account and also create a telegram bot account so that

we can get :

  • api_id 
  • hash_id
  • bot token

details that our inbuilt connector requires to send and receive messages to and from telegram.

Do you already have a telegram application and bot account ? 

  1. No. ( See more on Telegram App Registration Process).
  2. Yes (See more on how to set up telegram connector in Unifed Admin Console)

System Limitations

Please follow the link here to see the list of all limitations in the connector. 

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