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Actors / Conversation Participants

Expertflow interactions deal with the following types of actors. An Actor is a user or an application that performs customer-related activities. 

Conversation Controller 

It's a universal participant that stays in the background to control the whole flow of conversation and is responsible for taking dynamic actions based on the training to ensure the smooth flow of communication between the customer and the business. This may include request to route to a different agent if the first agent has left and the customer needs more info, closing the conversation when the customer has already left. 


A Customer is a person who approaches the business through one or more supported customer channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Webchat). This user is identified as a Customer via the Customer API

The Customer API can be used by a 3rd party to integrate with Expertflow's Customer module such as, to sync customer profiles within CRM with EF customer profiles.

A user may be identified by the Customer API as a: 

  • Known/Identified Customer OR
  • Anonymous Customer

See Agent Guide -> Customer Lookup to see how customers are identified and what agents experience on the Agent Desk when an anonymous or an identified customer approaches the contact center.

Conversation Bot

It's an interface to 3rd party bots such as DialogFlow, Amazon Lex. via Custom Bot Connector, a 3rd party bot may respond either directly to the customer or whisper/suggest the agent handling the customer.

Expertflow supports Rasa, Amazon Lex, as out-of-the-box bot connectors.  

AgentA human serving on behalf of the business responding to customer queries or engaged in outbound activities with customers such as being involved in campaigns, direct messages. 
AppA 3rd party app such as a 3rd part survey solution, a campaign manager may also participate in customer conversation. 
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