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Event NamechangeAgentState
Event Description

When an agent changes its MRD state, state, or logs out from the agent desk, the agent desk requests to agent manager to change its MRD states:

  • ready/not-ready
  • ready/not-ready with or without selecting reason of not ready)
  • log out (with or without selecting reason of logout).
Emitter Agent Desk
NameDescriptionPayload Properties

type: UUID/String

Desc: The ID of the agent for whom state needs to be changed



type: String

Desc: describe action to be performed. There are two possible values:

  1. "agentState" 
  2. "agentMRDState"


type: Object, when the action is 'agentState'.

type: String, when the action is 'agentMRDState'.

Desc: State of the agent and the reason for the state

  • When the action is 'agentState'.
  1. name - String - name of the state. Possible values
    1. READY
    2. NOT_READY
    3. LOGOUT
  2. reasonCode - String - reason for change in state

    1. id - String - system generated
    2. name - String - Possible values are: Lunch Break, Out of Office, End of Shift
    3. type - String - Possible values: READY, NOT_READY, LOGOUT
  • When the action is 'agentMRDState'

possible values that can be set by the agent are:

  1. READY


This field is required when the "action" is "agentMRDState",

In the agentPresence’ event there will be a list of all available configured MRDs 'agentMrdStates' with their ids and additional info related to those MRDs

Mention the id of this particular MRD which needs to update



  "agentId": "a13a49f4-7ec6-436b-91b0-0fd1be205799",
  "action": "agentState",
  "state": {
    "name": "NOT_READY || READY || LOGOUT",
    "reasonCode": {"id":"ef172d24-7b35-4c6d-ada5-41827034d308","name":"Lunch Break || Out of Office || End of Shift","type":"NOT_READY"} 



"agentId": "a13a49f4-7ec6-436b-91b0-0fd1be205799",
    "action": "agentMRDState",
    "state": "READY || NOT_READY",
    "mrdId": "6233dde8c004592808ad3c0d"

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