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Cisco Outbound Connector


To implement outbound communication with customers via Cisco.



  • An outbound campaign should be created in Cisco CCE/CCX.

  • The Cisco outbound connector should be configured for CCX or CCE via the CISCO_TYPE environment variable.

Proposed Solution

  1. A list of campaigns is obtained from the Cisco CCX or CCE API.

  2. The campaign ID of the chosen campaign is noted.

  3. The Scheduler API is called with the contacts information i.e. name and contact number, along with the campaign ID.

  4. The Scheduler sends to contact to the CCM at the scheduled time, which forwards it to the connector.

  5. The connector sends this information to Cisco CCX or CCE to add that contact to the required campaign.

  6. The result can be verified by receiving a 200 OK response to the previous request as well as using the List-Campaign-Contacts API for CCX or CCE.

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