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Cisco voice channel limitations

  • Consult Call legs will not be part of an activity for now.

  • Any private browser window is not supported, as the system is using the browser cache for state maintenance.

  • Logging out from the Finesse doesn't log out the agent from CX.

  • If a call is ongoing, voice session is active, and the conversation is transferred to the queue on CX, the conversation is transferred including the
    voice session but the call is active with Agent A. When the transferred conversation is accepted by Agent B, they will not be able to close the conversation
    due to the active voice session as Agent B does not have the active call.

  • Consult, Consult-Transfer, Consult-Conference, and Direct Transfer cases are not supported for UCCE yet due to technical limitations on Cisco/CTI

  • Unstable behaviors on chat transfer, and conference scenarios are observed.

  • Advanced cases ( direct transfer, consult transfer, etc.) are not supported for a manual outbound call.

  • A2 Conversation View disappears in Consult Conference Call intermittently when on the A2 side, the conference active event is received first, and then AgentDesk sends CALL_LEG_STARTED for conference. After that A2 receives consult call ending event.

  • Finesse limitation after failover occurs when domain shifts agent becomes Not Ready during call.

  • When the call is ended during the Finesse failover, and the system reconnects to Finesse, the Agent Desk gets the call ending event from the CTI with no dialog info as the call is ended already, and to close the conversation, the AgentDesk uses the dialog data stored in cache for the incoming call, so the timestamps of both call starting and call ending become the same which causes the duration to be 0.

  • After a Finesse failover scenario occurs during a direct transfer on an agent extension and queue, the customer number becomes null in call leg. 

  • It is mandatory to have at least 1 custom reason code for Not Ready and 1 custom reason code for Logout. 

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