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CX-Voice limitations

  • Agent To Agent Manual OB Call is not supported.

  • Special characters are not supported.

  • Agent B's call timer does not work when Agent A transfers the Outbound call to the queue.

  • Unable to Minimize or Dock CX Voice Call Toolbar, Hindering Conversation View Visibility.

  • Agent State Incorrectly Set to "Not Ready" on Initiating Manual Outbound Call from AgentDesk.

  • Incorrect display of Customer Number as First Name in Anonymous Voice Calls.

  • Missing Range Exceeded Notification and Loading UI in AgentDesk Manual Outbound Dialer.

  • Delay in Agent Notification/Dropped Event After Customer Declines Manual Outbound Call.

  • The "Dial a Number" text box exhibits a cursor navigation issue when attempting to remove digits. If a user enters a number (e.g., 9603004365458) and tries to remove a digit using the backspace (X) key, the cursor incorrectly jumps back to the right side of the number.

  • Conversation gets stuck when Agent1 is on call with customer and another Agent joins with Agent1 credentials while call is active.

  • When an agent performs a direct transfer call on a queue with a service identifier different from the one configured in the script, the system enters an unstable state. This issue occurs specifically when there are two voice channels with distinct service identifiers, and the direct transfer relies on static Queue DN.

  • Limited scenarios work for multichannel cases for a customer using voice and non voice channels simultaneously. 

  • CX RONA is not yet integrated with the CX Voice (FreeSWITCH) solution. Leveraging the Ringing timeout of the FreeSWITCH to provide the RONA feature for this channel. 

  • Optional note and the direct transfer request sender will not be shown in the incoming request notification.

  • Silent monitoring and Barge In features are not yet implemented for CX Voice. (Unstable behaviors are observed on silent monitoring or barge In into active conversation of voice)

  • Direct extension to extension calls are not supported. 

  • Any private browser window is not supported, as the system is using the browser cache for state maintenance.

  • Reserving a named agent is not supported.

  • Transferring a Progressive Outbound call or Manual Outbound call to the queue or directly to another agent causes the call timer to not function on the new agent.

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