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Kubernetes Distributions

Expertflow CX requires a Kubernetes distribution for most of its core solution components. You may use any of the CNCF certified Kubernetes distributions. Expertflow team uses and recommends RKE2. To setup RKE for CX, seeRKE2 Control-plane Deployment

Expertflow CX product releases are tested on RKE2 unless mentioned otherwise in a release documentation. To learn more about Kubernetes, read this article from Google.

A Kubernetes platform is one of the solution prerequisites. Expertflow is not responsible for managing or supporting the underlying Kubernetes distribution.

The Expertflow team has tested the solution with the following distributions.


RKE2, also known as RKE for Government, is a Rancher's next-generation CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution. Expertflow recommends using RKE2 for an on-premise production deployment. Expertflow CX product releases are tested on RKE2 unless mentioned otherwise in a release documentation.

K8s (Kube-adm)

Kubernetes (k8s) is the distribution used and maintained by Google for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments. Use this distribution for a high available Kubernetes cluster deployment.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Provided by VMWare with commercial support , consider using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid with VSphere and vSAN, the VMware cloud-native storage. This distribution is recommended for customer who want a enterprise class production kubernetes deployments.


K3s is lightweight and edge kubernetes distribution from Rancher. K3s is packaged as a single <70MB binary that reduces the dependencies and steps needed to install. You may use this distribution for a non-redundant simplex deployment or for testing of the solution within a single node.

To proceed with using K3s for CX installation, follow this installation guide.


MicroK8s is lightweight Kubernetes distribution from Canonical described as a low-ops, minimal production Kubernetes distribution.

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