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Deployment Planning

Expertflow CX may be deployed on-prem, in a cloud, or in a hybrid mode. The solution consists of various components that may be installed on-demand. See Kubernetes Distributions for all the Kubernetes environments that Expertflow team has tried in the past.

Expertflow CX requires a Kubernetes distribution for most of its core solution components. You may use any of the CNCF certified Kubernetes distributions. Expertflow team uses and recommends RKE2. To setup RKE for CX, seeRKE2 Control-plane Deployment

Expertflow CX product releases are tested on RKE2 unless mentioned otherwise in a release documentation. To learn more about Kubernetes, read this article from Google.

As a deployment engineer you are expected to have an intermediate knowledge of Linux and Kubernetes for Expertflow CX installation.

Choose a deployment mode

In Kubernetes, each deployment is a cluster deployment with the option of one or multiple worker nodes and one or more control plane nodes. For more about Kubernetes components including control plane, see Kubernetes Components.

Single node

Worker HA

Control-plane HA

Deploy CX in a single node.

High availability of worker nodes where the workload can be rescheduled to available worker nodes. If the control-plane is down the solution still continues to work but rescheduling of the workload will not be done.

This mode is for the high availability of control-plane nodes and requires multiple control-plane node deployment.

Load capacity RECOMMENDED

below 50 concurrent conversations

Deployment Guide

CX Single Node Deployment

CX Worker HA Deployment

CX Control Plane HA Deployment

In some cases you might need multiple clusters running on multiple sites and synced to each other. This is called Multi-cluster (aka Geo-cluster). For more on this deployment mode see For a multi-cluster deployment, see Geographical Deployment of Expertflow CX with Redundancy

Choose a storage solution

For a Kubernetes deployment, storage plays a vital role for the management of application state. See Storage Solution - Getting Started for choosing the right storage solution for your Kubernetes deployment.

Deploy Expertflow CX

Once Kubernetes environment is ready, you can proceed to deploy Expertflow CX.

  1. For a single cluster deployment, see CX Deployment on Kubernetes

  2. For a multi-cluster (geo-cluster) deployment, see Geographical Deployment of Expertflow CX with Redundancy

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