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Setup Reporting Connector

Reporting Connector ConfigMaps

  1. Create the the database in target Database Management System using the scripts from cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/SQLScripts/dbcreation directory.

  2. Update the "fqdn, browser_language, connection_type and Database server connection parameters"  in the file pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf

  3. Apply configuration for Reporting-Connector

    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-reporting-connector-conf --from-file=pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf

Reporting Connector MySQL SSL Configuration OPTIONAL STEP

The 4.4 release, support the reporting components connection with MySQL on SSL. To configure the reporting connector with MySQL over SSL, consult MYSQL SSL Connection Configuration for Reporting.

  1. You can specify the schedule for your cron job by setting the parameter schedule: "*/5 * * * *" in cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml file where the value '5' is a default time which corresponds to the interval in minutes. Replace the value by replacing '5' with your specified minutes.

  2. Apply the configuration defined in pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml file by the below command to run cron job for reporting-connector.

    kubectl apply -f pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml -n expertflow

These steps will effectively deploy the Kubernetes cron job for the reporting connector in the specified namespace expertflow.

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