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Transfer and Conference

Allows CX agents to transfer an active conversation, add agents to the conference, and send Whisper Message.

Transfer A Conversation

Agents can transfer an active conversation to another agent if think that the other agent will better answer the customer's query. A conversation can be transferred in two ways:

  • Queue Transfer
  • Direct Transfer (Agent-to-Agent transfer)


For now, agents can transfer a conversation to another queue. The system looks for a suitable agent to join the conversation. Direct or agent-to-agent transfer features will be available with future releases.

Follow these steps to transfer
  1. Click 
    button on the control toolbar. The agent will see a dropdown containing the list of all queues with the following information:
    1. Queue Name (department name or any queue name)
    2. Number of agents available (ready + active) in the queue. This helps the agent to decide whether this conversation should be transferred to the selected queue or not (based on the available agents count).

  2. Choose a queue from the list and select the Transfer option.
  3. In the Message box in the Transfer to Queue dialog box, the agent can optionally type a message for the receiving agent. This message is then received by the other agent who is going to join the conversation. Click the Transfer button to transfer the conversation.
  4. The agent will see two notifications. One is a notification that "Conversation is closed due to CHAT TRANSFERRED" and another toaster notification "Transfer request placed successfully"
  5. The chat will be parked in the transferred queue on priority. The system will look for an available agent from the queue to route the conversation to an agent.

  6. The customer sees a notification, "Your request is being transferred to <queue-name>, please wait!", followed by another notification that, "Agent1 has left".

  7. If the other agent does not accept the request, the system keeps on looking for another agent for some time.
  8. If no agent is found, 
    1. The request is timed out.
    2. The customer will see a notification, "No agents were available".

Writing a note while transferring a request is an option thing for agents to describe something about the conversation to the transferee. 

In case, an agent receives a transferred request from another agent, 

  1. A transfer request notification will be received with the following information:
    1. Channel icon via which the request is placed (WhatsApp, Web, Facebook, etc.) 
    2. A button to Accept the request 
    3. Name of the customer if identified
    4. The optional notes entered by the agent while transferring the conversation. (See point #3 above.)
  2. Click the Accept button to accept the conversation
  3. The customer will also be notified that 'You have joined the conversation'.

Transfer A Conversation To A Queue

Add Agents to Conference

This allows agents to add one or more agents into the conference with the customer.

When an agent is added into the conference, the conversation becomes a conferenced-conversation. All newly-added agents in the conference have the same level of rights and permissions as of the first primary agent in the conversation. This also implies that if the first agent leaves the conversation, the conference will still continue with the agents in the conversation.

To add agents into conference 

Follow the steps mention below
  1. Click 
    button on the control toolbar. A dropdown will appear with a list of all available queues with:
    1. Queue Name  
    2. Number of agents available (ready + active) in the queue

  2. Choose a queue name from the list and hit the Queue Conference button.
  3. A Message box will appear in the Conference dialog box.
  4. Type a message for the receiving agent. This is an optional message. This message is then received by the other agent who is going to join the conversation.
  5. Then, click the Add to Conference button to make it a Conference Conversation
  6. The system looks for an available agent to be added as a Primary Participant to the conversation  The system will route the conversation to Agent2 
  7. The first agent can see a toaster notification that "a conference request has been placed successfully." 
  8. You will  see a notification in the Activity Timeline that the "Conference request has been successfully placed" and on the other hand
  9. An incoming conference request notification will be received to Agent2 (receiving agent) with the following information:
    1. Special indication that this is a Conference Chat request from Agent1
    2. Name of the identified / linked customer (if done by Agent)
    3. Note entered by Agent1 (if available) before placing the Conference request 
    4. A button to Accept the request
  10. By clicking the Accept button, Agent2  joins the conversation as the Primary Participant.
    1. Agent1 sees the notification that A2 has joined 
    2. The Customer sees the same notifications in the Conversation history on Customer side
    3. Agent2 can send/receive Whisper messages with Agent1.
    4. Agent2 can also see all the message exchange in the current conversation. 
    5. Agent2 will see the Customer Profile and all the Media Channels, Active Sessions of the customer (based on the permissions) along with the Conversation Data and the past conversation history 
    6. Agent2 can perform other operations based on the Primary Participant permissions.
  11.  Agent 2 can leave the chat
      1.  All other conversation participants will see a notification, "<agent-names> left the conversation"
  1. In case, Agent2 does not accept the request. 
      1. System keeps on looking for another available agent from the selected queue until it finds one
  2. No agents available
    1. The request will be canceled.
    2. Agent1 sees a notification in the Activity Timeline such as, "No agents were available to join the conference conversation"

Adding an Agent to Conference

Send A Whisper Message

When there is more than one agent in the conversation, they can exchange whisper messages with each other.

Whisper messaging allows agents to chat internally with another agent or supervisor, during a customer conversation, without letting the customer know. 

All agents who are a part of the conversation can view all whisper messaging exchanged. However, customers cannot see the whispered communication.

For now, whisper message capability is provided only for conferenced chats and Pull-based conversations (where there can be one or multiple agents in the conversation)

To send a whisper message,

  •  Click the Whisper tab 'Yellow' in color,  just above the Message Composer
  • Type the message

As soon as the agent clicks the Whisper tab, the Message Composer will be turned in pink color. This is to give agents the visual aid so that they can clearly distinguish between normal, customer messaging and whisper messaging.

All whisper messages are stored as part of the conversation and they are clearly visible in the conversation history. To see how Whisper Message can be sent and visualized, see above 

Add Agents to Conference 

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