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Wrap-up Summary

Report Summary

Provides the count of conversations along with associated wrap-up category and reason

This report provides the count of conversations of a specific category along with the reason applied to this category for a particular date.

There is a category, a reason along with that category, and then there is a count.  The wrap-up category is a parent and multiple reasons will be available against that category. This helps the business to identify issues being faced on a particular date and its count. Administrators can apply filters for category, reasons, and date as per requirement.

In cases, when one or more agents join a conversation, they can add wrap-ups during the conversation.  Multiple agents can put the same wrap-ups. In this case, these will be counted as one. This all data is date-oriented.

Report Columns

Following are the report columns




Shows the date.

Wrap-up Category

Shows the category to which a conversation lies.

Wrap-up Reason

Shows the reason, agents have applied to a conversation.


Shows the count of conversations that are categorized with the specified reason.

Report Views

Tabular View

Shows four fields: Date, Wrap-up Category, Wrap-up Reason, and Conversations.

Tabular View of Wrap-up Summary 

Category-wise Graphical View

shows the wrap-up category of each conversation 

Reason-wise Graphical View

shows the reasons applied to each category

Category and Reason-wise Graphical View

Report Filters

The following report filters are available:

  • Date: select the date for which you want to filter out the data

  • Wrap-up Category: select any one category and Apply Filter to view counts

  • Wrap-up Reason: shows the reason for each category to which a conversation has been wrapped up. Select a reason or multiple reasons and Apply Filter  to view counts

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