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Expertflow CX comes with various tabular and graphical historical reports that are available out of the box as part of the release. In the following sections, we'll go deeper into the details of each of those reports. 


  • All reports listed in the document are historical reports. Data in the reports are only updated once a conversation or channel session becomes a part of the history. Usually, this is updated as per the ETL intervals defined during deployment. By default, this is set to 5-minute intervals.

  • A conversation that is routed to an agent won't be reflected in the historical reports below until closed by the agent from Agent Desk (in case of an external agent application, this happens when the Unsubscribed event is fired to Agent Manager to remove an agent from the conversation)

  • For all dropdown filters, note that the data is only filtered using one value and not with multiple values. So if more than one value is specified in the filters, the report records having either one of the said values will appear but will exclude the records where both of the specified filter values exist. For instance, if an agent joined several conversations while some of them were also joined by some other agents, the results will display only the records where this agent was the only agent while skipping those where this agent was present along with some other agents.

See Reporting Database Schema for more details on the type of data stored in the reporting database
See Supervisor Guide for more details on Real-time Dashboards

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