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Apply Wrap-up and Add Notes

A wrap-up is a concluding note added to the conversation that helps the business to know what the conversation was about. Expertflow CX agents can provide wrap-ups to conversations that they handle, during or after the conversation.

Apply Wrap-up 

Agents can Apply wrap-ups to a conversation by clicking the notes icon on the control toolbar. A wrap-up dialogue box will appear where wrap-up categories and reasons are listed as defined by the system administrator. The agent will choose a category and a reason that best matches the conversation with the customer.

Add Wrap-up 

The agent can add a maximum of five wrap-ups in a single Wrap-up activity. However, more wrap-ups can also be added with additional wrap-up activities. 

Add Notes

After applying wrap-ups, agents add notes to summarise what the conversation was all about. The wrap-up and notes in the conversation are available as independent activities in the Conversation view.

Notes can also be added independently at any time.

Wrap-up Timer

A wrap-up feature is already there in the application but it is not time-framed

CX now introduces a wrap-up timer as an important metric to measure the agent’s productivity. This feature limits the agent to wrap up the conversation within the configured time. The system shows a timer to the agent to wrap up the current conversation within the configured time.

  • The wrap up time is configurable. By default, it is set to 60 seconds.

  • The admins can define Wrap-up reasons as defined in the unified admin

Whenever a conversation is closed from either side, a wrap-up window pops up. The wrap-up timer can be seen on the right-hand side. Pre-defined wrap-up reasons are displayed here. The agent can choose any suitable reason fit to the conversation and add notes as adding a note is optional.

wrap-up timer-1.png

Wrap-up Timer

If the agent leaves without adding the wrap-up, the timer will disappear/expire, the conversation will be automatically closed without any Wrap-up reasons as it is still optional.

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