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Agent Capabilities

This document describes the capabilities of the Expertflow Contact Center agents.

Agent Capabilities



Login to AgentDesk

The agent can login to AgentDesk using the user's login credentials defined in Keycloak. When integrated with Cisco Finesse, the agent must specify its Cisco login credentials. When the agent desk is embedded in Cisco Finesse, the agent is automatically logged in to the AgentDesk.

Accept a Conversation

Enables agents to receive a conversation from queues, handle an ongoing conversation,  link customer profiles, view conversation history, view active channels, and view conversation data.

Change Agent State

Enables agents to change their states globally and MRD-wise.

View Conversation Data

Enables agents to view conversation data for an active conversation and past conversations based on permissions.

Pause/Resume a Conversation

Agents can pause / resume an active Conversation to temporarily stop SLA and Inactivity timers. The conversation will resume upon Paused-timer expiry or upon agent request. The Customer may also receive the Pause, Resume notifications. This may be configured using Conversation Studio.

CTI Call Controls

Provides a CTI toolbar for the agent to perform multiple functions to handle the customer calls.

Transfer and Conference

Allows CX agents to transfer an active conversation, add agents to the conference, and send Whisper Message.

Send a Whisper Message

Allows agents to send a Whisper message

Send a Message

Enables agents to send a plain text message, bot suggestions, send a formatted text message, send a quoted reply, send file attachments, receive delivery notifications, and view typing indicators.

View Conversation Notifications

Allows agents to view conversation notifications in real-time.

Change Agent Desk Language

Enables the agent to change the language of the AgentDesk interface.

Handling Multi-channel Conversation

Enables agents to switch channels, to make an outbound contact on a different channel in an ongoing conversation.

Make a Manual Outbound Contact

Enables the agent to make a manual outbound contact.

Join a Pull-based Request

Enables agents to pull requests from Pull-based Lists that they are subscribed to and join a conversation.

Leave Conversation

Enables the agent to leave a conversation

Apply Wrap-up and Add Notes

A wrap-up is a concluding note added to the conversation that helps the business to know what the conversation was about. Expertflow CX agents can provide wrap-ups to conversations that they handle, during or after the conversation.

Browser and sound notifications

Enables agents to view browser notifications along with a beep on receiving a new conversation and whenever agents receive new message from the customer. Browser notifications should be enabled to receive these notifications.

Sound beep on receiving any new message can not be disabled.


The agent can logout the AgentDesk by selecting a logout reason defined by the system administrator

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