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Object NameChannelConfig
DescriptionThis object contains the attributes of the channel configuration object. It represents configurations related to a particular channel.



StringThis is the UUID. Sample format is a5c80b3f-ea41-4caf-979d-641a1c32f9bd

channelMode OPTIONAL


Three channel mode are offered for dealing with the customers:

 1. BOT - only BOT is conversing

 2. AGENT - only AGENT is conversing

3. HYBRID - both BOT and AGENT are conversing with the customer

conversationBot REQUIRED

StringName of the bot for this particular channel

responseSla REQUIRED

intReturns the response time SLA for the particular channel

customerActivityTimeout REQUIRED

intFor customer activity timeout i.e. for how long was the customer inactive or non-responsive in the channel. This is used to trigger some activity/event in the system in case of in-activity.

customerIdentificationCriteria UNDEFINED

customerIdentificationCriteriaundefined for now

routingPolicy REQUIRED

RoutingPolicyDefine routing policy such as agent routing, internet based routing. 


StringID of the bot. Currently for chat channels only.

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