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Cisco Voice Channel Configuration Guide for CX4.2

For CX4.0 and CX4.1 see this guide.


  • Finesse and CIM Server Time should be synced.
  • Always keep the Customer Activity Timeout greater than the configured call timeout on Cisco (finesse) for the Cisco voice channel.

The limitations of the Cisco integration are mentioned here.

Unified Admin Configurations

Channel Manager Config

  • The following variables need to be added in the channel provider for the CISCO_CC channel type on unified-adminThe provider webhook is not required in this case.


  • Add a channel connector for the provider configured above for the CISCO_CC channel type on unified-admin.


  • Add a channel for CISCO_CC channel type on unified-admin.
    • Add the desired channel name.
    • Add the configured DN(Dial Number) for the contact center as a Service identifier for the channel.
    • Select the configured Bot.
    • Select the configured channel connector.
    • Select Channel Mode i.e. HYBRID. (supported by the system as of yet.)
    • Configure the activity timeout.

      Note: The recommended value for the customer inactivity timeout should be greater than the one configured for a call in the contact center, otherwise the system may cause issues.


    • To set Routing Mode as EXTERNAL.

    • To configure Outbound conversation, enable Default Outbound Channel for the Cisco voice channel being used. 

Media Routing Domain (MRD) Config

  • Set the ManagedByRoutingEngine flag to false for the default CISCO CC MRD. 
  • The MaxTaskRequest should be set to 1.


Agent Media Routing Domain (MRD) Config

  • For each user, the max task request should be set to 1 for CISCO CC mrd.

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