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Cisco Contact center integration

Expertflow CX can be integrated with Cisco Contact Center Express and Enterprise. See this Architecture Diagram for how CX solution components integrate with Cisco UCCE/X. The CX Agent Desk communicates with Cisco Finesse to login Cisco Contact Center agents on the Agent Desk and receive CTI events.

For Agent Desk integration with Cisco Finesse, following are the prerequisites:




Source Port

Destination Port


Agent Desk

Cisco Finesse



Finesse REST API (8445)

Agent Desk sends agents state change requests (Voice MRD) for Media Blending to Cisco Finesse. It bypasses SSL certificate verification.


Cisco Finesse



Finesse REST API (8445)

To synchronize the Cisco Finesse agent with KeyCloak.

Cisco Finesse XMPP Server

Agent Desk


5222 (un-secure)

Agent Desk subscribes to Finesse XMPP service for the logged-in Cisco Contact Center Agent State change events. This communication is un-secure and the Cisco Contact Center Agent’s Finesse credentials are used to subscribe for XMPP events.

AgentDesk as a Finesse Gadget

You can embed CX AgentDesk in Cisco Finesse for agent and supervisor controls to handle digital and social media interactions in addition to Cisco contact center calls.

Agent Login

To Login a Cisco Agent in CX-4.5, the Cisco Sync Cronjob is compulsory to run.

An agent is logged in to CX AgentDesk automatically upon login to Cisco Finesse for both NON-SSO and SSO

Agent State Change

As an agent, you can change your agent state from Cisco Finesse. The state change is synchronized with the CX-Agent state (Cisco CC MRD).

Wrap-up call

As an agent, you can wrap up the call from within the Agent Desk by using a Finesse Wrap-up timer and wrap-ups.

When a call ends, the finesse wrap-up timer starts and you can add Finesse wrap-ups by using Finesse wrap-up codes. Wrap-up codes that are applied using the Finesse toolbar are part of the call leg and are visible in the AgentDesk conversation view as past interactions.

When the finesse wrap-up timer ends, the AgentDesk conversation view closes. You can even add wrap-up codes and notes from within the CX AgentDesk. Wrap-up codes applied from AgentDesk are just visible in the conversation view but not pushed to Cisco Finesse.

Call Controls



Answer call

In addition to Cisco Finesse, you can see and respond to an incoming call alert from within AgentDesk.

End call

In addition to Cisco Finesse, you can end the call from within AgentDesk.


Available via Cisco Finesse call controls. Not available from within AgentDesk


Available via Cisco Finesse call controls. Not available from within AgentDesk

Customer Interactions

For an active call, the agent can see the interacation history with the calling customer. For the active call, the agent can also see IVR activities. The interaction history shows past activities with the customer including but not limited to chat, calls, scheduled activities. See CX Activities for more information.

Compatibility with Cisco Contact Center releases

The solution works with Cisco UCCX and UCCE. Contact center integration limitations are covered in Cisco Voice Channel Limitations

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