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Delivery Notification Message

Delivery Notification is used to indicate that the message has been processed by the system. It has the following states:

  • DELIVERED - has been delivered to the recipient (agent or customer).
  • CONNECTED - mainly used for voice cases when a call is connected to a recipient
  • READ - has been read by the recipient (agent or customer).
  • FAILED - delivery has failed. There are reason codes associated with each failure.

The body should be in JSON format and include the following properties:

type - String - RequiredValue = "DELIVERYNOTIFICATION"
messageId - String - RequiredID of the message for which delivery notification is being sent.
markdownText - String - OptionalContains custom plain text message.
status - Enum - Required

Possible Values:

  • Delivered
  • Connected
  • Read
  • Failed
reasonCode - String - Required
  • Delivered - 200
  • Read - 200
  • Failed:
    • 400 - bad request 
    • 404 - this channel is undefined and unregistered on Unified Admin
    • 500 - internal system error
"body": {
        "markdownText": "Optional",
        "messageId": "abc12345",
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