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Pause/Resume a Conversation

Agents can pause / resume an active Conversation to temporarily stop SLA and Inactivity timers. The conversation will resume upon Paused-timer expiry or upon agent request. The Customer may also receive the Pause, Resume notifications. This may be configured using Conversation Studio.

Agent SDK developers can see hold/resume API in our Postman collection.

  • The conversation can be expired if the customer's inactivity timeout is expired.

  • The agent will automatically be out on expiring the SLA time

To Hold/Resume Conversation

  1. Click the hold button at the top

  2. The timer drop-down appears

  3. Select the time from the list

  4. Confirmation dialogue appears on selecting the time

  5. Click the ‘Confirm’ button

  6. Agent SLA (on the top of the composer bar) will be stopped and the ‘pause’ icon along with the timer will appear on the top of 'Message Composer'

  7. The customer receives a notification that ‘the conversation is currently paused by the agent'

  8. The conversation will ‘resume’ automatically on the expiration of the hold time.

  9. The customer receives the notification that ‘the conversation is resumed now’


Hold/Resume Conversation

In the case of voice, agents can hold the call by clicking on the Hold button. This will pause the conversation when the agent is active on a call with the customer or with any other agent in case of transfer.

In the same way, the agent can resume the call by clicking on the Resume button as soon as becomes available again.

For now, one button is being used for hold/resume as shown in the screenshot below.


Call Hold/Resume

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