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Send a Whisper Message

Allows agents to send a Whisper message

When there is more than one agent in the conversation, they can exchange whisper messages with each other.

Whisper messaging enables agents to chat internally with another agent or supervisor, during a customer conversation, without letting the customer know. 

All agents who are a part of the conversation can view all whisper messaging exchanged. However, customers cannot see the whispered communication.

For now, whisper message capability is provided only for conferenced chats and Pull-based conversations (where there can be one or multiple agents in the conversation)

All whisper messages are stored as part of the conversation and they are visible in the conversation history. To see how Whisper Message can be sent and visualized, see Add Agents to Conference

To send a whisper message,

  •  Click the Whisper tab 'Yellow' in color,  just above the Message Composer

  • Type the message

As soon as the agent clicks the Whisper tab, the Message Composer will be turned in pink color. This is to give agents the visual aid so that they can clearly distinguish between normal, customer messaging and whisper messaging.

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