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Customer Interaction Manager Logo

Customer Interaction Manager

Track customer journeys across channels on-premise.

Hybrid Chat Logo

Hybrid Chat

Expertflow Hybrid Chat unifies customer chats, bots, contact center, and CRM.

Dynamics CRM Omnichannel Integration Logo

Dynamics CRM Omnichannel Integration

Voice bridge that connects Cisco UCCE/UCCX with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for CTI call controls and transfer of data.

Campaigns Logo


A multi-channel campaign manager with the ability to customize call strategies and execution control.

Surveys Logo


Quality Assurance and Customer (satisfaction) scores after a call / interaction.

Siebel CTI Connector Logo

Siebel CTI Connector

Integration between Cisco Contact Center and Oracle Siebel CRM.

Dashboards and Wallboards Logo

Dashboards and Wallboards

Out of the box, prebuilt gadgets, enabling administrators to design their own wall- and dashboard.

Supervisor Tools Logo

Supervisor Tools

One-stop administration interface to reskill UCCX agents, manage teams, contact service queues (CSQs) and CCX scripts.

SAP CRM CIC and SAP Hybris C4C CTI Connector Logo

SAP CRM CIC and SAP Hybris C4C CTI Connector

The embedded CTI Connector toolbar provides call controls within the SAP CRM Interaction Center (ICI) or SAP Hybris C4C.

Voice Recording Solution Logo

Voice Recording Solution

A simple, single & multi-location integrated voice recording solution.

Generic Connector Logo

Generic Connector

A middleware, providing asynchronous connectivity between Cisco Finesse and agents using CRM solutions.

Service Cloud CX Integration Logo

Service Cloud CX Integration

Integration between Cisco Contact Center and Oracle Service Cloud (aka Oracle CX, formerly known as RightNow).

Android/ iOS Finesse CTI App for CCX/ CCE Logo

Android/ iOS Finesse CTI App for CCX/ CCE

Mobile agent app for Android/ iOS, providing Cisco Finesse features.

Call Parking Finesse Gadget Logo

Call Parking Finesse Gadget

Agents can park/retrieve calls on IVR, handle multiple calls at the same time and easily switch between them.

Salesforce Connector Logo

Salesforce Connector

Voice bridge that connects Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) or Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) with Salesforce for CTI call controls and transfer of data.

Call Transfer Finesse Gadget Logo

Call Transfer Finesse Gadget

Allows agents to transfer a call to an available agent of a specific skill group.

Call Wrap-up Finesse Gadget Logo

Call Wrap-up Finesse Gadget

An agent can search, select and apply wrap-ups/disposition codes to inbound and outbound calls

Internal Chat Finesse Gadget Logo

Internal Chat Finesse Gadget

Agents can chat amongst each other.

Supervisor Whisper Finesse Gadget Logo

Supervisor Whisper Finesse Gadget

Allows supervisors to covertly listen and instruct agents.

Cloud Contact Center Logo

Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Contact center details including Freeswitch, WebRTC, and other related stuff

WebRTC to SIP Logo


Expertflow’s WebRTC implementation allows agents and customers to securely share voice, video and screen content.