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Bot Connector Configurations

Following is the procedure to configure Database Connector

  1. Stop EF_BotConnector service in Windows Services pane.
  2. Navigate to <installation-dir>\hybrid-chat\core\bot-connector
  3. Open rasa-bot-connector-docker-variables.env with any text editor and change required configurations. Save and close the file
  4. Start EF_DatabaseConnector service. Checks logs in /EFLogs/chat-solution/bot-connector/ directory.


Following table explains Database Connector configurations

Configuration VariableDefault ValueExpected ValueLimitationsDescription
1BOT_API_URLhttps://api:7500StringBOT_API_URL is only used when 'BOT_TYPE=Articulate' or 'BOT_TYPE=Rasa'. In case of 'BOT_TYPE=Dialogflow' this variable is not usedAPI URL of Bot
2NODE_ENVproductionStringDo not change this variableEnvironment for Node.js



BOT_TYPE variable has possible values 'Articulate/Rasa/Dialogflow'
7FAILURE_MESSAGEBot service is not available, we are finding an agent for youString

8BOOTSTRAPtrueBoolean true / false BOOTSTRAP variable is only used when 'BOT_TYPE=Articulate'
9TIMEOUT10NumberThis timeout variable is only used when BOT_TYPE is Articulate or Rasa

This is the HTTP request timeout in seconds the bot-connector awaits for a response from the Rasa bot.

10MAX_RETRIES10NumberThis variable is only used when BOT_TYPE is Articulate.Bot-connector calls http[s]:// to get a list of all bot agents created in Articulate. MAX_RETRIES specifies the total number of retries in the case of no response. 
11PROJECT_IDenglish2-737d6StringPROJECT_ID variable is only used when 'BOT_TYPE=Dialogflow'
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