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Hybrid Chat Configurations

Hybrid Chat comprises on following Windows Services:

1ActiveMQA mandatory component of the chat solution that must be setup. No change in these service parameters is required. This service is used by chat, mre, comm-server,database-connector.Preconfigured
2Mongo DB

This service is used by the EF_DatabaseConenctor  for storing the chats and their metadata and by EF_MreMicroservice for storing routing configurations. During installation 2 databases and two users are created by default:

  • chat-solution database is used for EF_DatabaseConnector  with user dbconnector 
  • mre the database is used by EF_MreMicroservice with user mreUser 

Once all configurations are done, Mongo service can be accessed with URL <mongo>:port or mongo. If mongo service is configured on the default 27017, the port is not required in the URL for establishing the connection.
Note: MongoDB Compass is not installed by default, you need to install it manually for visualizations of databases.

3Database ConnectorUsed by the Chat Server for storing chat messages. Database connector is also used for real-time data storage to support failover.Database Connector Configurations
4Ecm Frontend

Ecm Frontend consists of two UI based microservices:

  • Announcement Calendars
  • UMM
Ecm Frontend Configurations
5Chat ServerChat Server is the main messaging core.Chat Server Configurations
6Communication ServerCommunication Server maintains an agent state for voice and non-voice MRDs.Communication Server Configurations
7MreMedia Routing Engine (MRE) routes new/requeued tasks to available agents.Mre Configurations
8Mre FrontendMre Frontend is web-based admin user interface to configure MRE.Mre Frontend Configurations
9Mre MicroserviceMre Microservice saves and maintains mre related configurations in MongoDB. These configurations include Attributes, Agent-Attribute association, MRD and Precision Queues.Mre Microservice Configurations
10Agent Gadget

Agent gadget can be accessed with URL https://<fqdn>/agent-gadget/.

For changing the logo, mount your image with the assets/images/d-logo.png path in the agent-gadget container. image size should be 90*27.

Agent Gadget Configurations
11Customer Gadget

The web widget to be embedded in the customer website is loaded from this service.

Customer Gadget Configurations on Windows
12MinioMinIO is a cloud storage server released under Apache License v2, compatible with Amazon S3. It is used by File Engine to store files.Preconfigured
13File EngineFile Engine is a file stream API that is compatible with the MinIO server. It entertains stream upload and download features.File Engine Configurations
14EABCEABC (Easy Announcements & Business Calendars) provides handling business calendars features. It can be configured using ECM FrontendEABC Configurations
15UMMUMM (User Management Module) acts as a gateway for all the microservices, UMM synchronizes agents with Finesse to provide Cisco Finesse integration with Hybrid ChatUMM Configurations
16Bot ConnectorBot Connector is used to integrate with Articulate, Rasa ChatBot, Google Dialogflow, etc.Bot Connector Configurations
17Apache TomcatApache Tomcat is used to host UI based application in Core. Tomcat Memory Pool is needed to be configured after installation.Apache Tomcat Configurations
18Reporting ConnectorReporting Connector is an ActiveMQ consumer. It listens to Chat Events propagated by Communication Server, MRE, and Chat Server and records them in an SQL database for reportingReporting Connector Configurations
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