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Database Connector Configurations

Following is the procedure to configure Database Connector

  1. Stop EF_DatabaseConnector service in Windows Services pane.
  2. Navigate to <installation-dir>\hybrid-chat\core\database_connector
  3. Open variables.env with any text editor and change required configurations. Save and close the file
  4. Start EF_DatabaseConnector service. Checks logs in /EFLogs/chat-solution/database-connector/ directory.


Following table explains Database Connector configurations

Configuration VariableDefault ValueExpected ValueLimitationsDescription
1HTTPS_PORT8450NumberOnly applicable if ENABLE_HTTPS is true Port where Database Connector is hosted over HTTPS.
2HTTP_PORT8050NumberOnly applicable if ENABLE_HTTPS is false Port where Database Connector is hosted over HTTP.
Primary Mongo DB URL. 
Secondary Mongo DB URL.
Mongo DB user for Database Connector database
Mongo DB password for Database Connector database
Database name which is used by Database Connector
8ENABLE_MONGO_SSLfalseBoolean true / false 
If Mongo DB supports SSL, set it to true , false  otherwise
9ENABLE_HTTPStrueBoolean true / false 
Specifies the protocol for Database Connector hosting ( HTTPD / HTTP )
10HTTPS_KEY_PATHhttps_things/localhost.keyStringApplicable only if ENABLE_HTTPS is true Certificate key path for HTTPS protocol
11HTTPS_CERTIFICATE_PATHhttps_things/localhost.certStringApplicable only if ENABLE_HTTPS is true Certificate path for HTTPS protocol
StringApplicable only if ENABLE_HTTPS is true Certificate's passphrase whose path is provided in HTTPS_CERTIFICATE_PATH
13MONGO_CERTIFICATE_PATHhttps_things/cert.pem StringApplicable only if ENABLE_MONGO_SSL is true Mongo DB client certificate for SSL connection. Only PEM certificates are supported yet
14AMQ_PRIMlocalhostStringThis is TCP connection, it doesn't support http:// or https:// before this pathActiveMQ host name / ip.
15AMQ_SEClocalhostStringThis is TCP connection, it doesn't support http:// or https:// before this pathSecondary ActiveMQ host name / ip.
Specifies Database Connector's connection to ActiveMQ is over SSL. true  to enable SSL, false  otherwise
ActiveMQ username and Password
Secondary ActiveMQ username and Password

20CERTIFICATE_PATHhttps_things/client.pemStringApplicable only if STOMP_TLS_ENABLED is true ActiveMQ client certificate path
21CERTIFICATE_KEY_PATHhttps_things/client.keyStringApplicable only if STOMP_TLS_ENABLE is true Certificate key path for ActiveMQ client certificate
Certificate authority path for Database Connector, it consists of client certificates of Chat Server for API calls
Certificate Authority Passphrase for certificate authority whose path is provided in CERTIFICATE_AUTHORITY_PATH
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