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Grafana Monitoring Dashboard

This document serves the purpose of Dashboards used for monitoring different aspects of Expertflow Hybrid Chat and its components.

Expertflow Monitoring Solution

Expertflow provides a service monitoring solution for Hybrid-Chat Services, which has the power of monitoring most of the system parameters, including Docker containers, System resources, Application stacks, Service stacks, Technology stack and it’s all independent of the underlying Operating system, which means that any platform can be monitored provided with as many details as possible are available.

Expertflow Monitoring Solutions ( EMS )  is a combination of Open Source tools freely available, customized to our specific needs, and then mastered through local resources so that most of the monitoring is provisioned at the doorsteps. The full-stack comprises these components.

PrometheusPrometheus is a simple Times Series Database (TSDB) Engine, which scrapes different targets defined in the configuration file and then stores these metrics in key-value pairs against the time using data collectors called exporter ( node and application exporter ).
GrafanaGrafana is used for plotting these key-value pairs by fetching them from Prometheus in different panels, which are then positioned on a dashboard.
AlertManagerAlertManager is used for raising alerts to different channels like email etc. Decision-making in AlertManager takes place in a complex configuration file and requires a restart of the application if there is a change required.
cAdvisorcAdvisor is responsible for collecting statistics from Docker containers. The default deployment works perfectly without any changes needed.
Node ExporterNode Exporter is a KPI or metrics collector application, which gathers all the statistics from the underlying system. 

Alert Manager

Alert management is also available in Expertflow Monitoring Solution, where customers can configure their alerts through different channels. Initially, there are 2 channels provided for alerting, but this can be extended to different platforms for extended alerting.

  1. Email.
  2. Webhooks ( Google Chat, or any other webhook-supported platform ).


A Dashboard is a combination of multiple panels, where each panel is serving as a graphing plot for a unique key value that a given service is delivering. This allows for multiple Panels placed inside a Dashboard, giving the end-user a possibility of monitoring multiple panels simultaneously.

Currently, there are different types of built-in dashboards available as default and the end-users can add/edit additional panels, based on the requirement, some of these provide intensive   details of many aspects of the system being monitoring like 

The following are the dashboard types:

Dashboards TypesDescription
Business Dashboards

Business Dashboards giving an overview of business-related Graphs which may involve costing, capacity calculation.

Technical Dashboards

Technical Dashboards giving an overview of the capacity and functionality of components providing basic services in Expertflow Hybrid-Chat.

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