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CX Release Notes

New in CX 4.4

The following new features have been introduced in this release.



Wrap-up state and timer

A configurable wrap-up state is now available. Agents can select on or more wrap-up codes within the given timeframe of the wrap-up state.

Manual outbound

As an agent, you can now make manual outbound call to a customer number.

Send Outbound Message

As an agent, you can now send outbound message to anonymous customers as well.

Scheduled Activities

As an agent, you can now view and update a scheduled activity on AgentDesk.

Webhook Registration APIs (update, post, get, delete) are also available

Dashboard Enhancements

As a supervisor, on summary dashboard, you can now select multiple queues.

Historical Reports Enhancements

Introduced IVR activity reports. Additionally, following reports are enhanced:

  • In Conversational Detail Report, List Name and Routing Mode fields are added

  • In Channel Session Detail Report, add Additional Channel Session Data.

Update Conversation Data

ConversationData API now supports Customer Channel Identifier. You can get or set a conversation data attribute based on the Customer Channel Identifier.

Revamp Customer Widget

  • As a customer, you will notice some user experience improvements in the Customer widget.

  • As an admin, you may now select a customer pre-chat form in the Unified Admin.

  • As an agent, you may now receive chat notifications on a shared company-wide Google Chat space.


Viber is now a supported media channel. See Viber channel capabilities for the supported message types.


Telegram now supports more than just plain text messages. For new message capabilities, see Customer Channels .

Customer Profile Information

As an agent, you may now view anonymous customer profile information.

Patch Release CX 4.4.1

Tested with

This release is tested with the following environments and tools.


  • Google Chrome Version 120.0.x

  • Cisco Voice Channel is tested with UCCX 12.5 

  • CUCM Version is 12.5.1

  • Application is tested on CISCO IP Phones only

  • CIPC Version is 8.6.1

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise.

CX 4.4 Release Limitations

Release Limitations

Customer Profile Information to be displayed for Anonymous Users:

  • Anonymous Users Profile Information is tested with Web Widget, Telegram, 360 WhatsApp, Facebook & Viber 

  • Anonymous Users Profile Information is not tested with Instagram, Twilio WhatsApp and twitter.

Wrap-up state and timer

  • The user can disable or enable wrap-up through common-environment.yaml file

License Manager offline mode

  • The offline license key uploading feature is currently experiencing issues. On uploading the license key from the Unified Admin, it does not get uploaded. To upload the key, API is available only for authorized users.

Release Test Highlights

Tested Features

  • Reporting - IVR Historical Reports.

  • Reporting - List name and routing mode fields added in the Conversation Detail Report.

  • Reporting - Additional Channel Session Data in Channel Session Detail Report.

  • Grafana - Multi queue selection in Dashboard.

  • Customer Widget Revamp.

  • Wrap-up state and timer

  • Manual OB CX Voice

  • Last Agent Routing

  • Customer Profile Information to be displayed for Anonymous Users

  • KeyCloak error handling on unified agent / unified-admin

  • Wrap-up state and timer

  • Viber Connector

    • Text Messages Support

    • Images Support

    • Videos Support

    • Location Support

    • URL Support

    • Emojis Support

    • Stickers Support

  • Telegram Connector

    • Button Message Support

    • Video Support

    • File Support

    • Images Support

    • Location Support

    • Emojis Support

    • URL Support

Un-Tested Features

  • Viber has not been tested with button and carousel messages.

  • Testing for the IVR Report has not included the features of sub-menu, language and category.

  • Instagram, Twilio & Twitter are not tested in this release

  • Scheduled Activities

    • Scheduler - Webhook Registration API. (update,post,get,delete).

    • Scheduler - Update a scheduled activity.

    • Scheduler - View Scheduled Activities on AgentDesk

    • Scheduler - API to schedule an activity

Planned Epics/Stories

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Planned Issues for this Release

Issues planned for this release.

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Issues Opened in this release

This is the list of issues opened during the QA cycle. 

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All Open Issues

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