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Supervisor Controls

Supervisor Capabilities

This document describes the capabilities of Expertflow Contact Center Supervisors.

An Expertflow CX Supervisor has default access to all agent features and additional features explained below.



Monitor Dashboards

The dashboards embedded in Agent Desk are the real-time dashboards for supervisors to view the summary statistics of the contact center including queues, agent states, and real-time conversations that are ongoing with agents and the bots.

Silent Monitoring

Enables a supervisor to monitor a conversation silently between the agent and the customer to see, how the conversation is going on.


Enables a supervisor to monitor and barge in the conversation if required.

Team Announcements

Enables a supervisor to create, edit, and delete announcements for one's team agents.

Customer Schema

Allows the business administrator or anybody who has permission to customize the Customer fields.

Create New Customer Labels

Allows the business to categorize customers based on certain characteristics such as customer segment, language, and type (gold, platinum, standard). 

End PULL-based Requests

Enables a supervisor to end PULL-based requests.

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