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Web Channel

Expertflow CX's Web Channel is a chat channel that supports chat communication embedded within a website or a mobile application. This allows businesses to have instant communication via chat with their customers. This channel includes Bot Connector to automate chats that allows customers to address repeat or simple interactions with an automated response.

Webchat Capabilities

The Webchat has the following capabilities: 


Plain Text Message

The customer can send/receive plain text messages. The maximum character limit is of 4096 characters.

Button Messages

This is an array of text buttons passed from the chatbot to Webchat. The business can customize the text of Button Message as per their own choice.

Send Emoji

Enables the customer to send Emojis. To send emojis, Enable Emoji from the unified admin.

Send or Receive File

The customer can send or receive files by clicking on the file upload icon in the message composer box. Supporting the following file types with a maximum file size of 5 MB


The customer can send images of file type of

  • png,

  • jpg,

  • jpeg


Enables the customer to send documents of following types:

  • txt.

  • pdf

  • ppt .

  • pptx,

  • doc.

  • docx.

  • rtf.

  • xls.

  • xlsx


enables the customer to upload and send audio message of Audio (mp3) file type.


enables the customer to upload and send video file. The video file type of (mp4) is supported as of now.

To send/receive file, enable file transfer from the unified admin.

Send Message Right-to-left and Left-to-right

Based on the browser language settings, of the customer widget. the direction of the message composer bar will be converted into RTL and customer can send/receive the messages started from the right and proceed to the left and started from the left and proceed to the right. If it is an RTL (Right to left language) such as Arabic, Hebrew, Sorani, Azeri, Aramaic, Persian, Urdu, Kashmiri, Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi the message composer and alignment will be Right-to-Left as shown. In case of Right to Left language, the conversation transcript will also be Right to Left.

In case of LTR (Left to right) language English for example, the message composer and alignment will be Left-to-Right.

Only Arabic is the supported RTL language for now.

To send message from Right to Left, choose the language from Default Language

Flexible Height of Message Composer bar

The default height of message composer bar in the customer gadget is decreased to one-line text. The height of message composer bar will increase automatically with multi-line text.

Receive Browser and Sound Notifications

This feature enables the customer to receive browser and sound notifications along with a beep for each incoming chat message.  The customer will receive notifications when he is:

  •  NOT in the browser tab of the web widget.

  •  NOT active in the window of the web widget.

and when 

  • His browser window is minimized.

The customer will not receive notifications when

  • He has blocked/not allowed notifications from the website where the web widget is deployed.

  • He is ACTIVE in the browser tab where the web widget is running.

Font Size

The Web Widget supports three font size options such as Large, Medium and Low. Business can use any one of their choice by clicking on the drop-down box at the top of the Web Widget as shown. This feature is enabled by default.

To fix the font size, De-activate Font Resize from the unified admin.

View Delivery Notification

Delivery notification lets the customers know that their messages have been sent and read on the other side. The customers see the double ticks as Delivery Notification as soon as the message is delivered and read. The double ticks 

  • are grey when the message is delivered.

  • turn into green when the message is read

In case the customer has sent the message but it is not delivered due to any reason instability of internet for example, the message will be shown as blurred.

View System Notifications

Enable the customer to see the notifications during the conversation such as

  • Jack has joined the conversation

  • Anthony has left the conversation

View Typing Indicator

A typing indicator lets the customer know that someone is typing  on the other side and the conversation is still alive. The Web Widget supports typing indicator in grey color when someone is typing the message.      


Dynamic Link

This feature auto-converts a URL to a hyperlink. No matter if it is sent by the customer or by the system (bot/agent).

To convert plain text to a hyperlink, enable Dynamic Link from the unified admin.

Customer Reconnect Time

The customer chat may disconnect at any point in time due to any reason such as poor internet or a power outage. This feature enables the customer to reconnect within the configured time (always in seconds), chat history will be restored and he can join the same conversation. However, the conversation will be closed after the default time.  This has been configured to 60 seconds by default.

Download Chat Transcript

This feature enables the business to download the full chat transcript at the end of the web chat.  Clicking on the Chat Transcript button at the bottom of the widget before Dismiss, allows to view a printable HTML page containing the complete chat record. If the business wants to get print of this, click Print or Cancel otherwise. 

Browser Compatibility

The browser is compatible with chrome for now. 




Google Chrome 



Mozilla FirefoxN/ANot Tested
Microsoft Edge N/ANot Tested

Workflow of Web Channel

After deploying via any method, a pre-chat form pops up on the screen. The customer fills in the form and starts a chat. This pre-chat form is fully customizable, enables the business to change the appearance of the form, and modify the form-data attributes based on the business requirement.

On submission of the form, the channel session of the customer is created on the system. Form data is collected and stored as Channel Session Data. The web connector of the Web Channel passes data to the agent. If and when the chat is routed to the agent, this form data is visible in the Channel Session parameters under the Active Channels panel.

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