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Cisco Team Sync

  1. It requires the targeted Keycloak Realm already setup along with Keycloak Client.

  1. Create a new namespace named cx-voice if not already present

    kubectl create namespace cx-voice
  2. Apply imagePullSecret

    kubectl apply -f voice/pre-deployment/registryCredits/ef-imagePullSecret-cx-voice.yaml
  3. Edit the config-map file to configure the values of KeyCloak instance and Finesse Instance.

    File containing all the env variable and their configuration needed to setup sync job: configuration of env variables.

    Make changes in the following file:

    vi voice/cisco/cisco-teams-sync/config-map/ef-cisco-team-synchronizer-cm.yaml
  4. Apply config-map and job

    kubectl apply -f voice/cisco/cisco-teams-sync/config-map/
    kubectl apply -f voice/cisco/cisco-teams-sync/job/

This Cron Job will take 15 minutes to start for the first time. Wait for the cron job to start to login Cisco Agent

See if the cron job has started

kubectl -n cx-voice get pods
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