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Creating Extensions on EFSwitch

  • Login to EFSwitch web interface. 

    • Open in browser: https://IP-addr, where IP-addr is the IP address of the server that EFSwitch is deployed on.

    • Add the username and password that was shown upon installation of EFSwitch and press LOGIN.

  • Press the IP address in the top right and select the Domain created in the configuration document:

  • Open the Extensions section under the Accounts tab.

  • Press the ADD button.

  • Add a number in the Extension field e.g. 4000.

  • Scroll down to the Record option, select the All option and press the SAVE button in the top right.

  • Also note the Call Timeout field, which is used to set how long calls will ring on this extension before timing out. Changing this affects the RONA (Re-route on no answer) timer when using the extension with EF CX Voice agents.


  • Re-open that Extension created e.g. 4000, change the Password field value to a password of your choice and press the SAVE button in the top right.

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