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Voice and Video

Expertflow CX is a multi-channel contact center solution unifying customer interactions across all channels in a unified customer interaction history.

With CX-Voice, Expertflow CX offers the following voice and video interaction features. Using CX-Voice, a business can:

  • receive inbound customer phone calls

    • Do a traditional or a conversational IVR treatment, and

    • Route calls to the most suitable customer care agent

  • make outbound calls

    • agents can make manual outbound calls

    • Contact center administrators can schedule agent-based and IVR campaigns

  • Connect via WebRTC using customer widget or a mobile app for audio and video calls and screen-sharing

  • Automated self service via traditional and conversational IVR.

CX-Voice is under active development. See CX-Voice limitations for some open issues.

As an agent

You may do the following for handling contact center inbound and outbound calls.

Change Agent State

Change your presence state (Voice MRD) as available (Ready), not-available ( Not Ready) to receive inbound and campaign outbound calls.

Specify Wrap-up code(s)

You may perform your after call work within a limited wrap-up duration before getting ready to receive the next call.

Call Controls

You have the following call control functions available via Agent Desk (Agent SDK) CTI toolbar.



Answer call

view and respond to an incoming call alert

End call

end a call using the CTI toolbar end call function.

Hold call

Put an active call on hold using the CTI toolbar hold function

Resume call

Resume a held call using the CTI toolbar function

Consult/Conference UPCOMING

Consult, consult-transfer, conference with other agents

Direct Transfer

Direct transfer to an agent via Agent extension or name

As a contact center supervisor

You may do the following to monitor and manage CX-Voice interactions.



Control Agent State

View and forcibly change an agent state of your team

Silent-monitor and barge-in UPCOMING

View Team Performance

View team performance and contact center queue statistics

Admin Configurations

To avail of the features of CX Voice, the business needs to

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