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Customer Identities

All interactions with a customer on media channels are linked to a Customer object. 


This object holds customer channel identities, customer contact preferences, and customer's PII and non-PII attributes.

CX-Customer APIs

CX-Customer APIs is an API contract that a customer identity management system must expose for integration with Expertflow CX. Expertflow CX Customers is an out of the box service available with every Expertflow CX deployment that implements CX-Customer APIs. 

To integrate Expertflow CX with a 3rd party CRM or a Customer Identity Management platform for customer identification across channels, the 3rd party software must expose these CX-Customer APIs.

Customer Identification Process

  1. Any Expertflow CX component such as ChannelManager calls Get Customer By Channel Identifier

  2. CX-Customer service returns the Customer object and customer suggestions (if any). This may be an anonymous or an identified customer.  

  3. Since customer conversations are linked and tracked with the relevant customer profiles, agents or Conversation Controller may relink a customer conversations with a different Customer.

Multi-Channel Identities

Managing a customer's profile allows to maintain cross-channel identities of the customer under the same customer profile. This provides a consistent customer experience irrespective of any channel they use to approach the contact center, their past transactions from different channels are always combined under the same profile.

See Agent Guide -> View Customer Profile for more details.

Configurable Customer Schema

Having a configurable schema for customers in Expertflow CX allows administrators or authorized users (such as supervisors) to define the fields of the Customer object as per their business needs.

So a company might want to store a customer's home address while another does not need that, so no fields in the schema exist for storing this information. 

Some of the fields are system-defined in the Schema and cannot be removed:

  • First name

  • Phone number (channel identifier)

See more details on Supervisor Guide ->Customer Schema

Customer Labels

Labeling customers allows businesses to help determine which category/type/segment the customer belongs to so that the system can provide the necessary treatment based on the customer classification. For instance, a customer who has been assigned the VIP label should be given prioritized treatment when she approaches the contact center. 

See more on Agent Guide -> Assign Labels to Customers to see how agents can assign labels to customers while handling a customer conversation.

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