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Deploying Finesse Gadget

  1. On the CIM deployment machine, get the finesse gadget file by navigating to: 

    cd kubernetes/post-deployment/3rdPartyResources/Finesse-gadget

  2. Edit the AgentGadget.js file and replace cim-fqdn with your CIM FQDN. 

  3. Open any FTP client and connect with the Finesse FTP Server. Add Finesse IP in the host, the username should be “3rdpartygadget”, and the password can be retrieved/changed using putty. The default FTP port for Finesse is 22. 

  4. After successful connectivity with the Finesse FTP Server, you will see the folder “files” highlighted above.
  5. Create a new folder under the file with the name “AgentGadget”.                         

  6. Transfer all files from <cim-install-dir>/3rdPartyResources/Finesse-gadget to Cisco Finesse /3rdpartygadget/files/AgentGadget directory using an FTP client.
  7. Open finesse cfadmin, and navigate to the desktop layout. Add “<gadget>/3rdpartygadget/files/AgentGadget/AgentGadget.xml</gadget>”. 
  8. Save the settings.
  9. Then update the CTI config variables added in the unified-agent config map according to the env by following this guide.

  10. Now login. The agent gadget will appear.

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