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AgentDesk Environment Configurations for Cisco

To integrate CX with Cisco UCCX/UCCE you need to update Unified-Agent ConfigMap cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/ConfigMaps/ef-unified-agent-configmap.yaml as mentioned below.

  1. Update the following CTI config variables added in the unified-agent config map

    # To enable Cisco contact center integration, isCiscoEnabled should be true.
    # Specify Cisco Finesse domain name
    domain: "<finesse domain>"
    # Specify Cisco secondary Finesse domain name. Leave blank if there is no secondary.
    subDomain" : "<secondary finesse domain>"
    # Specify Cisco Finesse BOSH URL
    boshUrl: "<finesse bosh api URL>"
    # Specify Cisco secondary Finesse BOSH URL. Leave blank if there is no secondary.
    "subBoshUrl" : "<secondary finesse bosh api URL>"
    # If Cisco finesse is SSO enabled. Specify SSO backend URL
    "ssoBackendUrl": "<SSO backend URL>"
    # Specify the Cisco UCC flavor. This could be any of the following values: 
    # UCCE - for all UCCE and PCCE deployments
    # UCCX - for all UCCX deployments 
    finesseFlavor: "[UCCE|UCCX]"
    # Specify RONA timeout as defined in Cisco configurations
    ronaStateOnCisco:"<call timeout reason configured on finesse>",
    # Specify Cisco Finesse FQDN or Cisco Finesse IP address
    finesseURLForAgent: https://[Cisco-Finesse-FQDN/IP]
  2. Share cf-admin credentials with Expertflow support team. With the encryption utility, they will encrypt the credentials and update the following Config Map values.

    "ctiParam": "<Encrypted cf admin username>"
    "ctiParam2": "<Encrypted cf admin password>"
  3. After updating the config map values run the following commands.

    # cd cim-solution/kubernetes 
    # Update configmaps
    kubectl delete -f cim/ConfigMaps/cim/ConfigMaps/ef-unified-agent-configmap.yaml
    kubectl apply -f cim/ConfigMaps/cim/ConfigMaps/ef-unified-agent-configmap.yaml
    # Update deployment
    kubectl delete -f cim/ConfigMaps/cim/Deployments/ef-unified-agent-deployment.yaml
    kubectl apply -f cim/ConfigMaps/cim/Deployments/ef-unified-agent-deployment.yaml

Next Step(s)

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