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Limitation/Issues in Cisco Integration in CX4.2


  • Consult Call legs will not be part of an activity for now.
  • Unstable behavior on chat transfer and conference scenarios.
    • If a call is ongoing and voice session is active and the conversation is transferred to the queue on CIM, the conversation is transferred including the
      voice session but the call is active with Agent A, and when the transferred conversation is accepted by Agent B, they will not be able to close the conversation
      due to the active voice session as Agent B does not have the active call
  • Unstable behavior on queue consult, consult-transfer, consult conference, and direct transfer for CCE.
  • In case of an active main & consult call, if the main call is ended the consulted agent is also removed from the conversation.
  • Any private browser window is not supported, as the system is using the browser cache for state maintenance.
  • Logging out from the finesse doesn't log out the agent from CX.
  • Advanced cases ( direct transfer, consult transfer, etc.) are not supported for a manual OB call.
  • The CTI lib limitations are mentioned here.


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