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Web Channel

Web Widget is developed by Expertflow under Expertflow CX as a sample implementation of the web channel. For deployment/hosting of web widget follow this Deployment Guide. For the access to the agent panel please refere to the Agent Guide.


Welcome Form

As an user, one can see a option to stat a chat by clicking “Connect with us”. This redirects user to the chatbox containg fields to start a chat.


Pre-Chat Form from Unified Admin (Optional)

As an Administrator, one can create a dynamic pre-chat form in Unified Admin's Form Component to be used in the customer widget.

Make sure the pre-chat form must contain two compulsory fields.

  1.  First Name => first_name

  2. Phone => phone

These two fields will be used for Customer identification on the Agent Desk (for example). You can customize it as per the requirement by following steps mention in the Agent Guide.


Plain Text Message

The customer can send/receive plain text messages. The maximum character limit is 4096 characters.


Button Messages

This is an array of text buttons passed from the chatbot to Webchat.

The business can customize the text of the Button Message as per their own choice.


File Size Limit

Supporting the file types with a maximum file size of 5 MB.


Send or Receive File Types

The customer can send or receive files by clicking on the file upload icon in the message composer box.

  • Images

The customer can send images of the file type of png, jpg, peg.

  • Documents

Enables the customer to send documents of the types txt., pdf, ppt., ppt, pptx, doc., docx., rtf., xls., xlsx

  • Audio 

Enables the customer to upload and send audio messages of Audio (mp3) file type.

  • Video 

enables the customer to upload and send video files. The video file type (mp4) is supported as of now.

Note: To send/receive files, enable file transfer from the unified admin.


Adaptive Message Composer Bar

The default height of the message composer bar in the customer gadget is decreased to one-line text.

  • The height of the message composer bar will increase automatically with multi-line text.

  • The maximum character limit is 4096 characters. composer border turns red if the max limit is reached.


Session Timer

A timmer of 120 seconds starts when customer request for agent’s assitance.

The chat session automately ends if no response from the agent is received.


View System Notifications

The prompt notifications during the conversation such as

  • Agent1 has joined the conversation.

  • No agents are available at the moment.


View Delivery Notification

A delivery notification lets the customers know that their messages have been sent and read by the agent. The customers can see the double ticks as Delivery Notification as soon as the message is delivered and read. The double ticks 

  • are grey when the message is delivered.

  • turn into green when the message is read

In case the customer send a message but it is not delivered due to any reason such as instability of the internet, the message will be shown as blurred.

Webhook Notification on G-Chat

A Webhook notification lets the agent know a Google chat message in a space on initiating a web chat session

Browser and Sound Notifications

This feature enables the customer to receive browser and sound notifications along with a beep for each incoming chat message. The customer will receive notifications if:

  • Inactive browser tab of the web widget.

  • Inactive in the window of the web widget.

  • Browser window is minimized.

The customer will not receive notifications when

  • Blocked/Declined notifications from the website where the web widget is deployed.

  • Active in the browser tab where the web widget is running.

Typing Indicator

 A typing indicator lets the customer know that someone is typing on the agent and the conversation is active. The Web Widget supports a typing indicator in grey color when someone is typing the message.                                      

Audio Call 

This feature enables the business to make a call to the support team at any time using this customer widget. Clicking on the phone icon on the top bar during an active chat session, to initiate an audio call to talk to the support agent. 
there are some other options enabled during an active call:

  • Mute/Unmute

  • End Call

  • Switch between chat and call during an active call.


The Web Widget supports dynamic links which can be enabled from unified-admin web widget configurations.

Businesses can use this feature to send and receive links between customers and agents. 


Font Resize

The Web Widget supports three font size options large, medium, and small. Businesses can use any one of their choice by clicking on the drop-down box at the top of the Web Widget as shown. This feature is enabled by default. The font sizes are 16px, 14px, and 12px respectively.

To fix the font size, De-activate Font Resize from the unified admin.


Send Message Right-to-Left & Left-to-Right

Based on the browser language settings, of the customer widget. the direction of the message composer bar will be converted into RTL and the customer can send/receive the messages starting from the right and proceed to the left and started from the left and proceed to the right. If it is an RTL (Right-to-left language) such as Arabic, Hebrew, Sorani, Azeri, Aramaic, Persian, Urdu, Kashmiri, Pashto, Sindhi, or Punjabi the message composer and alignment will be Right-to-Left as shown. In the case of Right to Left language, the conversation transcript will also be Right to Left.

In the case of LTR (Left to right) language English for example, the message composer and alignment will be Left-to-Right.

Note: Only Arabic is the supported RTL language for now. To send the message from Right to Left, choose the language from Default Language


End Screen

When the customer finishes the chat and the session times out, a Thank You message displayed with a link to download transcript.


Download Chat Transcript

This feature enables the business to download the full chat transcript at the end of the web chat.  Clicking on the Download Transcript button at the bottom of the widget before Dismiss allows you to view a printable HTML page containing the complete chat record. If the business wants to get print of this, click Print or Cancel otherwise.

Browser Compatibility

The browser is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari for now. 


Google Chrome
V 111.0.5563.14 


Mozilla Firefox
V 120.0.1


Microsoft Edge
V 119.0.2151.97


V 17.1

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