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Agent Gadget Translation

We can add agent gadget translation(s), there are simple steps described below.

Update or add the new language

  1. Download the translation file from here, rename it with locale symbol in case you want to add a new language. File name should not contain any special character.

  2. Open the file and change the translation as required. 

  3. Place this file in translations/agent-gadget folder. The translations folder must exist in the same folder where docker-compose.yml file is placed.

  4. To use newly added language,  add a new language key:value pair against environment variable APP_SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES in agent-gadget Docker service in agent-gadget-variables.env. 

  5. In the volumes section make sure to have the following line to mount the i18n folder of the docker container on the host machine where translation files are kept. After mounting volume, you'll need to restart the container to take the changes take effect.

    ${PWD}/translations/agent-gadget: /usr/share/nginx/html/assets/i18n
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