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Object NamechannelSession
DescriptionThis object contains properties related to the session that has been established through a particular channel e.g. web, voice etc. Each customer conversing with an agent/bot will have their own channel session.



StringUnique Id of the ChannelSession

participantType REQUIRED

StringType of participant in the channel session. See ParticipantType for details.

channel REQUIRED

ChannelSpecifies the channel for the particular session. See Channel for details.

customer OPTIONAL


See customer for details.

customerSuggestions OPTIONAL

ListProvides list of customer suggestions

channelData REQUIRED

ChannelDataSpecifies the data for the channel. This data is unique to each channel. See channelData for details.

latestIntent OPTIONAL

StringIntents are system events to inform the conversational bot to take action on the intent. The channelSession object will contain the latest intent for the session e.g. CHANNEL_SESSION_STARTED.

customerPresence UNDEFINED



BoolIf the channelSession is still active, isActive will be TRUE else FALSE.

conversationId OPTIONAL

UUIDThis is the ID of the conversation to which this channel session belongs. 


ChannelSessionStateSee channelSessionState for details.
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