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Cisco Elements Configurations for CX SIP Proxy

Inbound Call Configuration

CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element) Settings

  • Incoming Dial-Peer Configuration

    • Set the destination IP address of the SIP Proxy in the session target ipv4 field.

  • Add SIP Proxy to the trusted List

    • Add the CX SIP Proxy server IP(s) to the trusted list for security purposes.

CVP (Cisco Voice Portal) Settings:

  • SIP Proxy Group Assignment:

    • Create a group containing the CVP IP addresses.

    • Map this group to a Dial Number (DN) on the SIP Proxy from the CUBE.

  • CVP OAMP (Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning) Configuration:

    • Configure the IP address of the SIP Proxy for specific labels (45199, 9191, 9292) in CVP.

    • These labels correspond to configurations in the EF SIP Proxy.

  • VVB (Cisco Voice Browser) Integration:

    • On the SIP Proxy, assign a group containing VVB IP addresses to the labels mentioned above.

  • CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) Integration:

    • In CVP OAMP, set the SIP Proxy IP against the Extension Numbers of the CUCM.

    • On the SIP Proxy, assign a group containing CUCM IP addresses to handle call routing to the CUCM.

Outbound Call Configuration

Manual Outbound Call:

CUCM Settings:

  • SIP Trunk Creation:

    • Create a SIP Trunk on the CUCM that connects to the SIP Proxy.

  • Group and Pattern Mapping on SIP Proxy:

    • Create a group on the SIP Proxy containing the IP addresses of the CUBE.

    • Map this group to specific dialing prefixes of the Outbound Call. e.g. (96***********)

Dialer Connected Call:

Cisco Dialer Settings:

  • Registry Configuration:

    • Set the IP address of the SIP Proxy Server in the SIPServerAddress field in the Cisco Dialer Registry settings.

SIP Proxy Settings:

  • Group and Pattern Mapping:

    • Similar to manual outbound, create a group containing the IP addresses of CUBE.

    • Map this group to specific dialing patterns on the SIP Proxy.

These configurations are essential for ensuring proper routing and security of SIP-based calls in a Cisco network environment. The settings in CUBE, CVP, and CUCM need to be precisely configured to ensure seamless communication between these components and the SIP Proxy.

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